Name The Creture

Album: Demo (2010)

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Song: Necrophillia is a Victimless Crime

Bitrate: 8kbps

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Crawling from the toxic scum of New Jersey, Name The Creature was formed from local musicians joining to be part of something they love. Influenced by countless different bands/musicians, to movies, and problems/ideas of life, we push ourselves to make the most brutal, dark, and intense music we can, and get it out to the world. With a bunch of great shows under our belt, we now have plans to record our first full length album and even tour the country in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears open for us! We are sure going to do our best to bring a whole new spin on things in the modern metal scene. We being up and coming artists, love working with other up and coming artists, so if you have a label, manage, record, book, promote, sponsor, do art, or even if your just another band that wants to play with us, if you think you can help benefit, please contact us! Help support us and we'll return the favor.
Thank you for any and all support,